Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication involving sheet metal can be a time consuming and arduous process. Many companies don't have the tooling or the expertise to fabricate their own parts, so it is more efficient to find a job shop or fab shop capable of performing these duties for them. Some typical metal and sheet metal fabrication jobs may include:

  • Storage Tanks, Hoppers, Bulk Bins, Cages, and Baskets
  • Stairways and guard rails, Spiral Staircases
  • Mezzanines Structures
  • Structural Components for Buildings
  • Crane Sections and Crane Supports
  • Support BeamsHeavy Equipment Sections

Most job shops have uneven workflow, which means that they may be busy or not busy at all at any time. Consequently, it's a good idea to look at several different shops for each and every sheet metal fabrication job that you do. If you are looking for shop that is capable of handling your custom sheet metal fabrication needs, then SupplierBoard can help.

SupplierBoard Services for Buyers and Suppliers:

  • Post any custom metal fabrication job
  • Post any job from many other categories, such as molding, machine work, welding, cutting, CMM, and CAD work
  • Upload drawing files, such as CAD
  • Receive competitive quotations from several job and fab shops
  • Communicate with the bidders to answer questions, send drawing revisions and negotiate
  • Choose a winning custom fabrication supplier
  • Deposit money in an escrow account
  • Transfer money from buyer to supplier
  • Rate your experience with the buyer or supplier

SupplierBoard has many job shops and fab shops waiting to bid on metal and sheet metal fabrication jobs, post a job now! Post a sheet metal fabrication job now.



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