Referral Program will pay you 25% of the fees we charge users you referred. The money is automatically added to your account, so it can help pay for projects, or you can request it to be withdrawn and we'll send it to you. As long as your referral network continues to conduct business on, you will continue to receive 25% of this business.

Text Link

All you have to do is link to (Replace USER with your username):


If you want to display a list of open projects on your website, copy and paste the following javascript tag onto your pages:

<script src=""></script>

(Replace X with the number of projects you want to display. Replace Y with 1 to display only featured projects, or with 0 to display all.)

Developer Text Feed

If you want to grab a list of our projects to include in a script, connect to the following URL. This prints out the projects 1 per line, with each data field seperated by a tab space. The following project data is printed, in order: title, url, number of bids, start time (in epoch seconds), end time, categories (seperated by pipelines: | ), and the word "featured" IF it's a featured project.

(Replace Y with 1 to display only featured projects, or with 0 to display all.)

Referral Program Terms: Any inappropriate activity with the referral program is not allowed. This includes signing yourself up several times, forcing anyone else to signup (who is not interested in the service), and anything that would be considered against the rules. If we catch anyone generating false referrals (and we will catch it), they will not receive any of the money in their account and will be banned from! You will not earn commissions on projects that you participate in (as Buyer or Supplier). reserves the right to delay sending affiliate earnings if we believe the referred user will not pay the fees they were charged, since affiliate commissions are based on those fees.



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