Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Custom plastic molding with injection mold machines requires specific expertise and equipment. Many custom molders have varying levels of capabilities. It is important to choose a custom molder with the right capabilities, because the custom molding capabilities directly affect issues such as quality and delivery reliability. When choosing a custom plastic injection molder for your next project, you may want to consider issues such as:

Quality certifications such as QS9000 or ISO14001 Many QS or ISO companies wish to work with suppliers with the same certifications

Press technologies: dual injection, insert molding your custom part may require or be made more efficient with specific injection press technology. Consulting with an expert is the best way to determine your needs.

Press design: vertical or horizontal molding - your custom part may require or be made more efficient with specific injection press design. Consult with a custom molder or injection consultant to best determine your needs.

Press tonnage part size and complexity determine the size of the custom injection press required to mold your specific parts. Press designers and custom molders can help determine the proper press tonnage for your application. Many molders assess the cost of a custom molding job on a per hour basis. Larger press sizes are much more expensive to run, so choosing a custom molder with the right sized press can affect pricing.

Design Capabilities some custom molders can design the mold, or perform design for manufacture services, where they may be able to reduce cycle times or improve part strength. These cost savings are compounded over the life of the project. Don't underestimate the need to a quality part design.

Proximity to your location distance from your custom molder can do many things. More distant molders may provide better pricing and service levels. Balance these gains with the cost of shipping, your required lead times and any quality problems that could be created with inventory in transit.

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